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The Story Behind Bubakin

Est. 2015
Hello! *waves*  Welcome to Bubakin!

My name is Tamla and firstly I'm a mum to two vivacious little boys and the Mama behind Bubakin.

Lover of all things natural and reusable, when I was pregnant with my first, I went hunting for all those things to support me through pregnancy, birth and beyond. My collection of practical supports from a number of small businesses grew and on a suggestion from my midwife, the unique Bubakin Birth Bag was born! 

Cloth nappies was an easy choice for me given this direction, but whilst I loved supporting some wonderful brands, I just couldn't find the right fit and combination of features I needed for the boys as a very sleep deprived mama. Over the next two years, hours of designing, many prototypes later and too much money to recall, the Bubakin Babes nappies finally came to fruition. We have chosen to use manufacturers prints for some of our nappy line, whilst we build our custom artwork in support of local artists. So whilst you might see some prints about, you can be assured of the original design of the Bubakin Babes. Totally built for my children with the ease of use and functionality to do exactly what a nappy should. The Bubakin Babes have developed (albeit slowly) based on use, feedback and my own experience in using cloth nappies for both my children. And with luck, they will continue to grow. It's a tough gig being a Mum, so I understand the elation in having products be highly practical and suited to their job. 

So with a long-suffering husband, we have chipped away at refining Bubakin and we hope you love it too. Every sale counts for the little guys and is appreciated. Every order is compiled with a bit of extra care to assure that you feel like you're receiving a gift on the other end. We love hearing from our customers, whether it be a chat or a question from one mum to another so never hesitate to send us an email.