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Reviews & Testimonials

Wow! I honestly can't believe how lovely these are. They are my first purchase of cloth nappies and I can't believe I've left it this late (my third baby). These nappies are absolutely top quality, soft and beautifully made. I've had them for a week now with no leaks or rashes. They draw the moisture away and the top layer only feels a little damp when full. Absolutely gorgeous designs. Thanks, Tamla I'll be recommending these to friends.

Elizabeth, NT


So super stoked with the arrival of my gorgeous new nappies for my girls. They are soft, pretty and came packaged with a surprise free gift! Tamla gave me incredible advice on how to care for my nappies and was very patient with all of my questions. 100points for service, quality and arrival time of nappies! Thank you! Definitely Ordering from you again.

Priscilla, NSW


I just picked them up and am super impressed with the quality of the nappies. My baby is due in January and have begun the slow process of gradually building my cloth nappy supply and can't wait to see how they go. 

Thanks heaps for the package, and very tempted to get some more, but have to wait for the next lot of funds to come in

Sara, WA


THANK YOU! Thank you for doing so much research, making prototypes, and persevering in your search to make a truly excellent and quality nappy. As a full-time cloth user and serious nappy enthusiast - Bubakin nappies are hands down amazing, and worth every single minute that you've invested into them! From one mum to another - thank you!

From one mum to another - thank you!" Cherie, NT


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