Cloth Nappy Features

Bubakin Modern Cloth Nappies are exclusively designed in Australia over years of testing and innovation. We manufacture with a small, ethically run company overseas who specialise in high quality organic materials.

Bubakin Nappy Double Gussets

Double Gussets

Soft elastic gussets keep mess in whilst being not too tight against baby's skin causing red marks. Double gussets are useful for a ‘second fit’ against the legs, great for slender and chubbier thighs.

Bubakin Nappy Front Pocket Opening with Wet Zone

Front Pocket with Wet Zone

No more poop in the back pocket! Keeps removing your inserts simple and gives you control over where to place the inserts. The wet zone overlap allows you to tuck in a liner or your slimline booster making for less movement, targeted absorption without having to tug on inner snaps.

Bubakin Nappy Supreme Adjustability

Supreme Adjustability

From birth to potty training we have you covered! Hip snaps to prevent wing droop, added adjustability at the waist as well as four rise snaps means Bubakin Babes grow with your baby from approximately 3.5-16kg. 

Bubakin Nappy Quick Dry or Natural Fabric Options

Quick Dry or Natural Fabric

Bamboo/Organic cotton terry for a more natural fabric alternative or Charcoal Cool Plus Fibre Poly Fleece for quick dry, odour fighting fabric to keep baby comfortable whatever the weather. All nappies come with the same clever CORE insert to draw moisture to the core of the nappy giving you longer, drier nappy time. 
V1 nappies come standard with two charcoal fleece/microfiber inserts of the same shape. 

Bubakin Nappy Intelligently Designed Inserts

Intelligently Designed Inserts

Shorter, sumptuous shaped hourglass insert makes stuffing easier as well as placement from newborn to toddlerhood. A smaller natural fabric booster can be placed on top for softness and dryness against baby’s skin. Two inserts standard, allows customisation of your nappy whatever the situation. Tags strategically placed to reduce handling and making removal that much easier.

Bubakin Nappy Trim Fit, Super Soft PUL fabric

Trim Fit, Super Soft PUL fabric

No more stressing about outfits. Our nappies are trim fitting with the softest of PUL waterproof fabric outer. Soft PUL (poly urethane laminate) binding helps to combat wicking and compression leaks. Range of fabulous prints to suit any taste. A whole nappy system all in one. No covers required. Night/toddler inserts available separately. 

**Features of the Bubakin Babes v2 Modern Cloth Nappies. Please see our v1 nappies for details.

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"Hands down, the best cloth nappies I have ever used. I love everything about them, the double gusset contains explosions and liners so no accidental leaks out the sides, the charcoal/bamboo fabric is super soft and the inserts really do hold the wee! Both my babies were big fatties and these nappies are great for bubs with lots of rolls, but of course, can be sized down with all the handy poppers. My only regret is that I didn’t discover them with my first child" - Emily

“Loving our new cloth nappies! So soft and comfy, can never pick which design to put on his butt cause they're all so darn cute! Our little man has chunky thighs and other nappies we have tried seem to cut into him. Completly eliminated that issue! 
I was also surprised how well the charcoal inserts absorb and draw the wetness away from him. Thank you Bubakin for keeping our bubba so comfortable AND stylish as well as helping us cut down on landfill one nappy at a time.” - Phoebe

"I am over the moon with these nappies! Beautiful quality and adorable prints. Tamla is so lovely to deal with. Always so helpful and quick to respond. Outstanding customer service all round." - Trudy

"Thanks Bubakin for the awesome nappies! I love the designs and the versatility of your nappies. We love love love the nappies and supporting mummas in business" - Roanna

Why Choose Cloth Nappies?

Save $$$

This is just the cost for one child over one year! Having a stash of cloth means that you never run out, just put on a load. Surely you can put that money to better use? 
If you choose eco/biodegradable options, this expense goes up even further. 24 cloth nappies at $30 each is $720. 6,000 disposables equates to $3000!

Less Waste

Staggeringly, when you consider 6,000 disposables over the life of a baby in nappies, that's what ends up in land fill. It means they will still be kicking around for our children's children and beyond. Better yet, your cloth nappies can be used for multiple children and often can be handed on.


Surprisingly, it only costs about $200 to wash cloth nappies every 2 years! (depending on your machine and wear and tear) and washing only equates for around 5% of the household total electricity consumption. Cloth nappies also use a lot less water and raw materials to make.


Did you know the absorption materials they use in disposable nappies are not allowed to be used in women's sanitary products?  Because cloth nappies are fabric, any residue chemicals used in any manufacturing processes are washed away like standard clothing and broken down with sunlight and the natural elements.

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